Editors note: This is a guest blog post from Birmingham, UK, based blogger Susan Roan. Check out her website for more productivity tips.

To be successful in your job it is important that you work effectively and are productive with your time. This is all the more important if you are a freelancer and work from home.

To make sure you are working to your full potential and maximum productivity, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the most commonly used productivity tips.

Though there are many instant productivity hacks workers apply. This article will focus on the productivity tips that are most relevant to freelancers.

  1. Put boundaries in place:  before you get to work made a decision as to what hours are your working hours and which hours you consider to be home time.  Working from home often means freelancers have no defined hours of work, resulting in work taking over and freelancers enjoying very little time at home to unwind. Setting these boundaries will also help your friends and family to know when you are working, so they do not disturb you.
  2. Make a schedule:  list what you need to do and allocate a time and day to completing the task. Keep to your schedule as much as possible and if for some reason you divert from it, re-evaluate it again so that you have time to complete everything else in your planner. This will make sure you don’t run out of time, forget to do something, or have to rush to complete tasks.
  3. Prioritise your to-do list:  always do the important and/or urgent tasks first.  When you make a to-do list make a note of the deadline to help you prioritise the most important work over jobs that can wait.
  4. Consider your attire:though it may be comfortable to do your work in your pyjamas, it may not be the most productive thing you can do.  Studies show that you act more professionally when you are dressed for work, you become more efficient and more productive.
  5. Exercise regularly:  not only does this keep you fit but it also improves your state of mind allowing you to concentrate on tasks more. This improvement in concentration and feeling of alertness improves productivity tremendously.
  6. Go outside:  working from home is great as you have no travelling time in the morning, the problem then is that nothing is forcing you to go out which can really improve how you feel. Freelancers should consider taking a break from work, having a drink and a snack and going for a walk outside. Studies have shown that doing this can improve productivity by up to 15%.
  7. Manage noise pollution:  it can be impossible to work when the neighbours are playing music or there is construction work outside. Consider buying noise cancelling headphones or playing ambient noises such as waves crashing, thunderstorms and rain or jungle sounds.
  8. Manage online distractions:  turn off notifications for social networking and emails, check these before you start work and do not check again after unless it is to check for essential work related email.
  9. Consider your work environment:  are you comfortable? Your chair should have the correct lumbar support, your monitor should be eye level, in short all of the working conditions of an office should be met in your home office so that you do not cause yourself injury, such as neck strain or back problems.
  10. Use online productivity tools:  such as calendars and to-do lists. This not only helps you to manage your time but also backs up your contacts and diary etc. in the event that you lose your copy.
  11. Find a hobby:  enjoy your time at home without working by taking up a hobby and give yourself something else to focus on.

Follow these tips and you will become the most productive freelancer there is!

Do you agree with Susan? Are there any you disagree with or would like to add? We’d love to know, so post them in the comments.

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Susan Roan

I’m a blogger from Birmingham, UK, interested in productivity, efficiency and business building.

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