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Flags of the World

How can you sell services abroad?

In the last six months I have had requests for work from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Qatar, Spain and USA (Florida, Oregon, LA, Ohio). Some of requests have now turned into clients of whom, hopefully, I will be working with for a long time to come. Others are a least an in... Read More »

Are you mediocre

Are you highly effective at being mediocre?

Most of us want to achieve greatness. Most of us assume that’s the best thing. Is it? This article by James Altucher on TechCrunch questions that by looking at The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs. The article is a very refreshing look at mediocrity, as we’re often tol... Read More »

#2 A Snapshot of Jonny Back Photography

In Episode 2 we interview Jonny Back a London based photographer and find out what its like to start a business in a recession. Show Notes: Over to you What’s been your experience of starting your business?... Read More »

29 Ways to Stay Creative

29 Ways to Stay Creative

This video from TO-FU is great inspiration for your creativity. Its the antidote to Ways to Kill Creativity. Which ones are your favourites? Have a look and let me know in the comments.... Read More »

Olympic Rings image by

Creativity of Olympic Proportions

And so it ended just as it had begun with a cacophony of sound emanating from the Olympic Stadium, the cauldron of dreams. A light fest to brighten up the London sky to announce ‘we did it!’. Although the closing ceremony didn’t have anywhere near the impact of Danny Boyle’s ... Read More »

Digitising books one word at a time

CAPTCHA-ring books one word at a time

You know those annoying CAPTCHA codes – You know, the ones we have on our forms on this site and no doubt you’ve seen on many other sites? Well I only just found out why they were created. No, i’m not talking about the obvious reason to stop spam -of which they seem to do a good jo... Read More »