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#5 Speaking with Michael MacMahon

In Episode 5 we interview Michael MacMahon a public speaker, author, actor, coach, voice over artist and unsurprisingly a scanner.   Show Notes: Over to you Have you ever spoken in public? How did it go?... Read More »

Facebook - Wasting Time

Sometimes we all need a slap in the face

How many hours per week are you un-productive? How about per day? How much time is spent trawling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the BBC website? When you add it all up it can work out to be a significant amount of time, oh, and you will never get back. Add to that the mix of working from home, on... Read More »

Image for Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

How do we know what to do, how do we approach a challenge when we want to reach our goal, change something in our lives or take on a new venture? Do we jump up and ‘do something’? Do we take action because that gives us the momentum to propel us to the next phase? Or do we clear our desk, take o... Read More »