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#2: Innovation happens at the intersection

In our second Episode Claire and Richard discuss the difficulties of knowing what you want to do post university or midway through your career and we interview Emilie Wapnick from -a home for multipotentialites.... Read More »

#1: Don’t swear at kids

In our first Episode Claire and Richard discuss what Creatives Hub is about, what 'Hatch' means, how mini-hubs work and why playing games on your phone is an ineffective use of your time - according to Claire.... Read More »

Dark January Days

Four top tips to boost creativity in dark January days

Its still pretty dark outside in the morning and evening. The weather is miserable. Right now its as I write this, it’s pouring down and despite being 2pm, it looks like its 8pm. It’s that dark. Its not exactly the most inspiring time to get creative. So what can you do to get motivated?... Read More »