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#4: Six degrees of separation

In our fourth Episode Claire and Richard discuss being alone as a creative and chat to Deborah Henry-Pollard about collaboration, coaching and the Argentine Tango!... Read More »

Image credit: puuikibeach, used under Creative Commons license.

Being alone (or meeting the checkout girl at Morrison’s was the highlight of my week)

Its not good to be alone. Don't make the checkout staff at your local supermarket your only regular human contact -as wonderful as they may be. Keep meeting new people.... Read More »

Avignon, France

5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Creativity and Thinking

Travel. An excuse to get away from it all, sometimes even run away. But travel can be so much more that just a break or a rest, it can reignite your creativity and passion, here’s how it’s helped me.... Read More »

#3: Making the invisible visible

In our third Episode Claire and Richard discuss having lots of interests but still making things happen and they interview London based photographer and arts facilitator Adele Watts.... Read More »

Image credit: Ed Yourdon, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

Being curious – tips to improve your networking

Being curious about other people is what networking is about. Being interested and listening to everyone around you not just those at an official networking event.... Read More »