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Archives August 2013 - Creatives Hub

#17: Tidy desk. Tidy mind

In our seventeenth episode Richard, on his own discusses the link between decluttering and productivity.... Read More »

#16: The Evernote Edition

In our sixteenth episode Claire and Richard discuss the joys of managing your life with Evernote, and a few other apps.... Read More »

#10 Freelance Research Consulting with Sarah Salisbury

In Episode #10 of Insight Podcast we chat to Sarah Salisbury about what its like to be a freelance research consultant and left brain/right brain thinking.... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#1 – Pilot episode of Reverb Podcast

In Episode #1 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan introduce the Reverb concept, discuss the role of the promoter and play tunes from the delightful Hanna Willow.... Read More »