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Toursome App - A side-setter project

What’s it like to be a side-setter?

What's it like to be a side-setter? This is a guest blog post by Charlie Stamp, co-founder or Toursome, his pet project to simplify the world of sightseeing. ... Read More »

De-clutter your life

5 reasons to declutter this autumn

5 reasons why I think its crucial to declutter to bring more inspiration to your creative life.... Read More »

#21: Too much talking and not enough dancing

In our twenty first episode Richard and Claire discuss why its important to know your audience. Are you a break-a-wayer, solopreneur or a side-setter?... Read More »

Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

What’s it really like being a solopreneur?

The term solopreneur is often used for those who work on their own but have no desire to build a large empire. But what's it really like being one?... Read More »

Photograph by R.O.L.

Mini-hub member successfully funded on Kickstarter

I interviewed Adele Watts in February. She had just started a project working with people affected by homelessness. We grabbed her again for an update.... Read More »

#20: Its like school at work

In our twentieth episode Richard and Claire discuss the merits of accountability and how it can help you to get stuff done.... Read More »