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In just over 24 hours our next Creatives Hub Live event will arrive. I love these events.

Ok, I am biased as the organiser, but I’ve wanted to create an event which –as well as providing the usual opportunities to connect with other creatives, listen to wonderfully inspiring talks, and provide a taster of our minihub monthly accountability groups, also gave the opportunity to take action.

It’s easy to go to events, take in what’s been said (or not as you mind wanders). But to take action on your specific situation is not as easy.

Small groups. Big support.

The second half of CHLive evening is where we split up into groups and each person has the space to say where they are and what they may need help with. Then the other members pitch in offering support and ideas from which the attendee can take action.

Naturally, the responses will vary within the groups as some people are quieter that others, but the facilitators will try and draw everyone out. And if there’s a very specific issue such as ‘I need ideas for how to market my idea to over 65’s living in seaside towns’ then the group members may not have enough experience to help. Then again … you always find some members who seem to have endless knowledge of everything!

Either way, we change the groups around half way to cater for this and make sure attendees get to connect with more people.

July CHLive! Montage

What do attendees get support on?

Here’s a few examples from the last few years.

  • I’ve just launched my illustration website. How best can I promote it?
  • How do I go about starting a cafe for creatives?
  • How can I connect with other musicians?
  • I’ve just gone freelance and now working from home. I keep getting distracted. How can I get more focused?

Got your ticket yet?

You still have time so get in there quick.

As I said at the beginning, I love these events for what it means to other creatives (check the tweets on the booking page!). There’s nothing more I enjoy than seeing creatives step out and launch their new idea, business, project –especially if it’s been something they’ve been thinking about for years.

Rat-race escapee

It’s also very fitting we have Marisha Pink as the speaker tomorrow. She is definitely an action person and has turned her idea of being an author into a reality. I have read her two books so far and absolutely loved them! You must take a look at Finding Arun and Last Piece of Me. Then book your ticket to hear from Marisha live.

Spread the word

So help me to spread the word and get more creatives connected, inspired and ready to act.

If you know anyone near London – please send this on.

Just CLICK HERE for all info and to book tickets.

Thanks so much and hope to see you there!

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Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan is founder of Creatives Hub whose mission is to help as many creatives as possible get rid of the shackles of procrastination, break out of fear, grow in confidence and get stuff done. He also works with individuals and businesses to build their web presence, runs a podcast network and is currently writing his first sci-fi novella.

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