In Episode 4 we interview Claire Meredith an advocate of ‘scanners’ who lets us have the low down on this important personality type.


Show Notes:

[list type=”circle”]
[li]Claire Meredith[/li]
[li]Follow Claire on Twitter – @iclairemeredith[/li]

Key Players

[list type=”circle”]
[li]Barbara Sher – Author of Refuse to Choose[/li]
[li]Emilie Wapnick – Puttylike[/li]
[li]John Williams – Scanner Central[/li]
[li]Screw Work Lets Play book by John Williams[/li]
[li]Barbara Winter – Author of How to Make a Living Without a Job[/li]


[list type=”circle”]
[li]Evernote – daily note taking software[/li]
[li]Basecamp – project management software for projects of all sizes[/li]

Over to you

Are you a scanner? What’s been your experience?

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