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In episode #5 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss the issues for independent artists trying to sell records in the digital age, when so much music is available free or low cost via streaming. This episode also features two marvellous tracks by Kat Deal.

Show Notes:

[list type=”circle”]
[li]Ziferblat (London)[/li]
[li]Ziferblat (London) on Twitter[/li]
[li]Kat Deal[/li]
[li]Kat Deal on Twitter[/li]
[li]Affirmation album by Kat Deal available via Bandcamp[/li]
[li]Susannah Evans[/li]
[li]Susannah Evans on twitter[/li]
[li]Spotify vs Musicians (including comments from Nigel Godrich)[/li]
[li]Damon Krukowski – 47,680 streams = 1 album sale[/li]
[li]Zoe Keating[/li]
[li]Zoe Keating and her digital earnings[/li]
[li]Zoe Keating on twitter[/li]
[li]Baliva on twitter[/li]
[li]Baliva on Facebook[/li]
[li]NADINE on twitter[/li]
[li]Nadine on Facebook[/li]
[li]Digital Music Report (Stats on Streaming et al)[/li]
[li]Iko on twitter[/li]
[li]Richard on twitter[/li]
[li]Creatives Hub on twitter[/li]
[li]Our Social Media Survey is here! Please fill in and share with other bands/artists.[/li]

Over to you

Are you an artist? Do you have an opinion about the issues we discuss in this episode? We’d love to know. Do tweet us using the #ReverbPodcast hashtag.

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Iko Akoh

Host of Reverb Podcast and promoter at The Living Room.

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