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In episode #9 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss USA independence – the US perspective on life as an independent artist. This episode also features two great tracks by Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy.

Show Notes:

[list type=”circle”]
[li]Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy on Facebook[/li]
[li]Repose by Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy[/li]
[li]Nathan Allebach on twitter[/li]
[li]Up Close & Personal[/li]
[li]Strangers, a new album by Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy[/li]
[li]Nipsey Hussle on twitter[/li]
[li]Nipsey Hussle’s Unique Pricing Strategy[/li]
[li]Robby & Bria[/li]
[li]Robby & Bria on twitter[/li]
[li]Robby & Bria on Facebook[/li]
[li]The Living Room (Soho)[/li]
[li]The Living Room (Soho) on twitter[/li]
[li]EIC Dance Theatre on Facebook[/li]
[li]Sara dos Santos on twitter[/li]
[li]Susannah Evans[/li]
[li]Susannah Evans on twitter[/li]
[li]Baliva on Twitter[/li]
[li]Janssem Cardoso[/li]
[li]Janssem Cardoso on Twitter[/li]
[li]TimeOut London[/li]
[li]TimeOut London on twitter[/li]
[li]Mandy Harris, professional singer and vocal coach: Amaris Arts[/li]
[li]Amaris Arts on twitter[/li]
[li]Creatives Hub: MiniHubs[/li]
[li]Creatives Hub on twitter[/li]
[li]Pocket Arts[/li]
[li]Pocket Arts on twitter[/li]
[li]Introducing the UNVEILING Arts Festival[/li]
[li]Tickets available now for the UNVEILING Arts Festival[/li]
[li]UNVEILING Arts Festival on twitter[/li]
[li]Iko on twitter[/li]
[li]Richard on twitter[/li]
[li]Creatives Hub on twitter[/li]
[li]Our Social Media Survey is here! Please fill in and share with other bands/artists.[/li]

Over to you

Are you an artist? Do you have an opinion about the issues we discuss in this episode? We’d love to know. Do tweet us using the #ReverbPodcast hashtag.

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