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Basecamp Projects

How to manage multiple projects with Basecamp

I write to do lists. I used to write them on post it notes or in a note pad. Then I progressed to reminder tools on my smartphone and then I wanted to do something with those lists to better manage them and myself. Enter Basecamp. To describe Basecamp as a glorified to-do list would be a serious ... Read More »

Sparrow flies you in a better email experience

Sparrow flies you in a better email experience

Sparrow is a simple email client that does what it needs to with minimum fuss. I have used Apple Mail for years. Its worked pretty well. The user interface was good despite having to use add ons to make it display in a widescreen format. Lion, has sorted that issue now. But one problem I found; quit... Read More »

How much does a Website cost?

Note: This post was originally posted to my Web Design site back in August 2011. This is a question that as a web designer I encounter very frequently and it makes complete sense for any potential customer to ask it. I must admit that over the years I’ve given numerous answers, from ‘how long is... Read More »

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