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Break free from 'bad fit' clients

How you break free from a time sapping client

Breaking up with a client is not something that should happen regularly. If it does, you should be asking whether you’re in the right job. But occasionally it does happen. There comes a time when relationships break down, communication evaporates and resentment builds between both parties. You... Read More »

Getting paid

How to make sure you get paid on time

When I started out running my own business back in 1997 (actually it was a joint venture with my brother) one of the biggest struggles we had -after acquiring clients was getting them to pay on time. Depending on the size of business, most would take over 30 days to pay -which were the standard ... Read More »

Have you changed your passwords recently?

Have you changed your passwords recently?

Security breaches are in the news all the time. “LinkedIn’s Password Breach Draws FBI’s Attention“, “Twitter spam campaign linked to Gawker breach” or even “Why you should probably change your Facebook password“. There’s no escaping the fact tha... Read More »

How to manage your finances the easy way

How to manage your finances the easy way

How to manage your finances the easy way.... Read More »

Basecamp Projects

How to manage multiple projects with Basecamp

I write to do lists. I used to write them on post it notes or in a note pad. Then I progressed to reminder tools on my smartphone and then I wanted to do something with those lists to better manage them and myself. Enter Basecamp. To describe Basecamp as a glorified to-do list would be a serious ... Read More »

Sparrow flies you in a better email experience

Sparrow flies you in a better email experience

Sparrow is a simple email client that does what it needs to with minimum fuss. I have used Apple Mail for years. Its worked pretty well. The user interface was good despite having to use add ons to make it display in a widescreen format. Lion, has sorted that issue now. But one problem I found; quit... Read More »

How much does a Website cost?

Note: This post was originally posted to my Web Design site back in August 2011. This is a question that as a web designer I encounter very frequently and it makes complete sense for any potential customer to ask it. I must admit that over the years I’ve given numerous answers, from ‘how long is... Read More »

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