Flags of the World

How can you sell services abroad?

In the last six months I have had requests for work from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Qatar, Spain and USA (Florida, Oregon, LA, Ohio).

Some of requests have...

The Magic of Creativity

The Magic of Creativity

Someone sent me a link to Andrew & Gaia Grants book 'Who Killed Creativity?' which is now on my reading list along with many others!

I then came across this brilliant video which...

Getting paid

How to make sure you get paid on time

When I started out running my own business back in 1997 (actually it was a joint venture with my brother) one of the biggest struggles we had -after acquiring clients was getting them to...

How much does a Website cost?

Note: This post was originally posted to my Web Design site back in August 2011.

This is a question that as a web designer I encounter very frequently and it makes complete sense for...