29 Ways to Stay Creative

This video from TO-FU is great inspiration for your creativity. Its the antidote to Ways to Kill Creativity.

Which ones are your favourites? Have a look and let me know in the...

Olympic Rings image by http://ko.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-7656536174

Creativity of Olympic Proportions

And so it ended just as it had begun with a cacophony of sound emanating from the Olympic Stadium, the cauldron of dreams. A light fest to brighten up the London sky to announce 'we did...

Creativity Killer

Ways to kill creativity

I love this from Psychology Today which sums up just how natural it is to kill creativity. So much so that we don't even notice we're doing it.

I especially like: 'Don't ask questions....

The Magic of Creativity

The Magic of Creativity

Someone sent me a link to Andrew & Gaia Grants book 'Who Killed Creativity?' which is now on my reading list along with many others!

I then came across this brilliant video which...