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Momina Salam

Our intern writes – How I develop ideas

How do you develop ideas? Our intern Momina Salam shares her inspiration. ... Read More »

UNVEILING Arts Festival

UNVEILING Arts Festival 2015

The UNVEILING Arts Festival was conceived in The Living Room during the summer of 2014 by Iko-ei-Ojo Akoh. So how did it go? Iko tells all.... Read More »


Khartomb and back again

A John Peel Session, a minor cult single and a few gigs later in 86 the dream fizzled out. But how did Ian Christie get his side project back on the road?... Read More »

Toursome App - A side-setter project

What’s it like to be a side-setter?

What's it like to be a side-setter? This is a guest blog post by Charlie Stamp, co-founder or Toursome, his pet project to simplify the world of sightseeing. ... Read More »

Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

What’s it really like being a solopreneur?

The term solopreneur is often used for those who work on their own but have no desire to build a large empire. But what's it really like being one?... Read More »

Image for Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

How do we know what to do, how do we approach a challenge when we want to reach our goal, change something in our lives or take on a new venture? Do we jump up and ‘do something’? Do we take action because that gives us the momentum to propel us to the next phase? Or do we clear our desk, take o... Read More »


How being part of the Paralympics inspired me and could help you too

Editors note: This is a guest blog post by Susannah Evans. I had the privilege of dancing in the closing ceremony for the Paralympics, which was viewed by 7.7 million people around the world. It was an amazing experience and one that can’t be fully described in words, an evening I will never forge... Read More »

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