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Avignon, France

5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Creativity and Thinking

Travel. An excuse to get away from it all, sometimes even run away. But travel can be so much more that just a break or a rest, it can reignite your creativity and passion, here’s how it’s helped me.... Read More »

Image credit: Ed Yourdon, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

Being curious – tips to improve your networking

Being curious about other people is what networking is about. Being interested and listening to everyone around you not just those at an official networking event.... Read More »

Facebook - Wasting Time

Sometimes we all need a slap in the face

How many hours per week are you un-productive? How about per day? How much time is spent trawling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the BBC website? When you add it all up it can work out to be a significant amount of time, oh, and you will never get back. Add to that the mix of working from home, on... Read More »

Image for Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

How do we know what to do, how do we approach a challenge when we want to reach our goal, change something in our lives or take on a new venture? Do we jump up and ‘do something’? Do we take action because that gives us the momentum to propel us to the next phase? Or do we clear our desk, take o... Read More »

Pulling it all together

Since I realised I was a scanner, I have been working through pulling all my interests together, really trying to assess what it is I like about certain activities with the aim of discovering an overarching theme with which I can then brand myself. Without an overarching theme it can be very difficu... Read More »

Drinks and Links Networking

Hello. I’m Richard and I’m a Scanner. You?

What I learnt that night changed my concept of work forever. The place was buzzing. It was filled with mainly people in their 20’s and 30s sharing a drink and discussing everything from their new business startup to the compatibility of christianity and hypnotherapy! I kid you not. The place w... Read More »

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