CHLive! April 2014

On Tuesday April 29th we held our fourth Creatives Hub Live! event in The Wine Tun Bar near St Paul’s, London, UK.

This date was bang in the middle of the –last minute confirmed– Tube strike but we were determined it would not affect us. Thankfully it didn’t.

We had 13 creatives all buzzing in anticipation of what was to come, with 7 of them being totally new to Creatives Hub.

Our vision

We kicked off with a short talk by me -Richard Lalchan, Founder of Creatives Hub, sharing our vision and purpose and letting the group in on the other elements they can benefit from such as our podcasts and mini-hubs.

Talk: Matt Perkins, Freeagent

As the Haribos started to disappear, I introduced Matt Perkins Head of SME Engagement from Freeagent who talked to us about ‘finance for creatives’, a helpful guide to managing your finances.

This particularly covered the Freeagent accounting application –as it’s very well set up for freelancers, creatives and small businesses, but covered general finance principles too.

There was a time for questions where Matt was grilled on various aspects of finance and the application.

You can find out more about Matt Perkins here and Freeagent here. Note if you are interested and sign up for Freeagent from this referral link you get a 10% discount! –and for full disclosure, so would I.

Member Interview: Adam Dickens

Our community is awesome and each event I like to interview one member –both to promote what they do to new members and for them to share how the community is helping them.

Adam Dickens is fantastic photographer who works with charities, turning their stories into pictures into funding. I asked him about some of the work he is doing to help raise money for charities in Zambia, Tanzania and Sri Lanka amongst other places.

You can find out more about Adam from his website or hear more from him as I chatted to him on the latest Hatch podcast.

Creatives Brainstorming

The key part of the evening is where members get to share their ideas in small groups and receive feedback and suggestions of how to move forwards.

Rachel Goldberg, my co-host, meticulously planned the groups –of three or four, providing everyone with two coloured shapes on their name label as they came in. These shapes related to areas of the room to go for the first session.

Each person had a minute to share their ideas and a further five minutes to receive feedback. Once Rachel hit her bell, we changed round for the next person to share. After everyone had a turn, we then swapped groups to mix with new people for the second session.

Looking around at the groups, it’s great to hear such a buzz as members shared ideas that perhaps they hadn’t made time for prior to CHLive!

CHLive! April Snapshots


Finally I mentioned the mini-hubs –though very briefly so people could get away early to grab the last tube home which was much earlier than normal due to the strike.

CHLive! is a taster for the monthly mini-hubs we run which allow for more regular accountability and creative inspiration. You can find out more here.


We always run a post event survey and it’s amazing –though not especially surprising, that the most mentioned aspect of the evening is always other members. We are blessed to have such a wonderful community and would love you to be a part of it too. Our next event is in July, so get booking today!

Next CHLive! July 29th 2014

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Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan is founder of Creatives Hub whose mission is to help as many creatives as possible get rid of the shackles of procrastination, break out of fear, grow in confidence and get stuff done. He also works with individuals and businesses to build their web presence, runs a podcast network and is currently writing his first sci-fi novella.

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