Deborah Henry-Pollard speaking at CHLive! Jan 2014

There’s something so very energising about getting creatives together. The ideas and desire to create and change the world is extremely powerful.

So it was at CHLive! on 28th Jan 2014. It was our third quarterly event and it was good to get about 50% of people who hadn’t attended before.

Why CHLive?

One of the reasons I set up CHLive was because I regularly get people asking me if they can drop in to our mini-hub accountability groups to see what they are like. But that’s just not the way they work. Mini-hubs are small groups – 10 people or less, in which the members share their stories building up trust with each other. Different ‘new’ people dropping in would distort that too much. So CHLive! lets you experience a taster of mini-hubs albeit in a larger group setting.

I start off the evening by sharing a bit about the vision and the various aspects of Creatives Hub.

Talk: vision by Deborah Henry-Pollard

We were treated to a wonderful talk by Deborah Henry-Pollard on ‘A vision and why you need one’. You can see her give this presentation at KindredHQ on her website here. Deborah is also a member of our mini-hubs.

Interview: Adele Watts

At each event I like to interview a mini-hub member or a member of the wider Creatives Hub community. This time I had the pleasure of interviewing Adele Watts who has been a mini-hub member since the beginning. It has been exciting to see her develop projects such as Disposable her grassroots photography collective. She gave us an update on the project that was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and explained how mini-hubs helped her achieve her goals.

Creative Problem Solving

The biggest part of the evening I love so much. Its an opportunity to break into small groups, share your ideas and brainstorm your way to solutions. Its such a good time for getting ideas off the ground. Ideas that perhaps you parked for many years. Maybe fears got the better of you or any number of obstacles that often get in our way. Well, putting it out there with other creatives can release you to kickstart your dreams. Having seen several ideas take shape in our mini-hubs over the last year, we know this works, so it’s exciting watching attendees come away feeling encouraged and inspired. That’s what it’s all about.


We always end sharing more about how to join a mini-hub –and of course offering special discounts to attendees. Find out more here.


The official part of the evening comes to an end around 9pm. After that its connecting time and its great that already several relationships have developed that could lead to further collaborations down the line. Always so exciting to see.

Don’t miss out again

If you missed out this time, don’t worry. We do this every quarter and our next event is Tuesday April 29th. We have 30 places and they may well start filling up once promotion begins at the end of February. We sold our first ticket literally the day after the event as someone who followed the feedback stream on Twitter definitely made sure they didn’t miss out again.

Get your ticket today and take advantage of the early bird discount as we would love to help you kickstart your ideas.

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