July CH Live 2014

On Tuesday 29th July, a record number of people came along to the fifth Creatives Hub Live! event held at the Wine Tun Bar in central London.

The event marked the first anniversary of Creatives Hub Live! and once we’d set up the room, as is customary Richard & I reviewed the attendee list one last time and talked excitedly about the agenda for the evening – it promised to be a cracker!

As people started to arrive it was great to put faces to names and hand out labels with mysterious symbols on them, causing much intrigue!  There were some familiar faces too including mini-hub members I’d met at previous events; twenty of us in total came along to the event.

Confidence and Creatives

After Richard had welcomed everyone and given a short introduction to the evening, we kicked off with our guest speaker – Persia Lawson, co-founder of Addictive Daughter.  The theme of her talk was ‘confidence’ and it was hugely inspiring with some memorable top tips including having a step-by-step plan and celebrating achievements (however small) along the way.  Persia also stressed the need to put your ideas and offerings out there even if they’re not fully formed or perfect to start with – great advice from someone who did exactly that when Addictive Daughter was first getting off the ground.

Member Interview: Iris Louwerens

We then enjoyed an interview with Iris Louwerens. Iris is a Creatives Hub mini-hub member and Richard asked her about how and why she made the transition from an office job to setting up Dig Mondays (providing professional coaching services), her new and awesome project Secret Urban Escapes of which Iris is a co-founder – and how being part of a mini-hub has helped her along the way.

Creative brainstorming

During the first half of the evening everyone seemed very engaged and there was a lot of positive energy in the room – just what was needed for the next item on the agenda. After a short break, those mysterious shapes on labels were explained and everyone got into their designated groups for round #1 of a creatives brainstorming session. This session provided a taster of what, among many other things, the mini-hubs offer – a chance to talk about your idea, upcoming challenge or specific sticking point and get input from the rest of the group. It was great to see animated faces exchanging stories and sharing advice based on similar experiences. The groups swapped round half way through, so that everyone could receive more feedback from a different set of people.

July CHLive! Montage

Just before 9pm there were a few minutes left for us to discuss any recurring themes from the brainstorming session, in terms of common issues people were facing, and to hear a little more about how the mini-hubs work.

Sadly I had to rush off to the train station as soon as the event was officially over, but as I left the Wine Tun it was great to see many people staying on to chat and exchange contact details.  A great evening with so much talent and creative potential in one room!

Next CHLive! October 28th 2014

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