We know what it’s like trying to be creative all by yourself.

It’s tough. You get stuck, writer’s block, disheartened, discouraged. If you’re self-employed, the feeling of isolation and disconnection can be doubled. How can you move forward?

Enter Creatives Hub

We want you to feel alive, inspired and motivated to bring your creativity to life. We want to help you create your best work, develop your great ideas and generally make the world a better place. We want to help you overcome blocks like doubt, fear and procrastination.

Who are you?

Can you relate to one of these types of people? If so, Creatives Hub is for you. Take a look and once you’ve read them, click the links to read blog posts written by real people of each type.

  • Break-a-wayer – Employed full-time but dreaming of breaking out and following your passions
  • Solopreneur – You’ve taken the plunge and working for yourself, but finding the loneliness less than inspiring
  • Side–setter – You’re happy in your job, but want more. You want to write that book, start that business get your side project up and running

The Website and blog

We’ve got bloggers posting on topics about getting unstuck, being alone and finance. If you’re a budding writer with something to say on creativity and getting things done, then drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!

We are also developing the website to encourage more of a connected community. We have lots of plans, but currently not as much capacity to get them done. If you believe in our cause and are interested in working with us as a volunteer community manager to make this happen, get in touch! We’d be so pleased to hear from you.


Our flagship podcast, Hatch: Let’s get cracking! is a fortnightly show to provide encouragement, advice and support to people, just like you. In addition, the Insight podcast has a library of interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs, sharing their experience and insights, real people to help you. And you must check out Reverb*, our newest podcast aimed at discerning and discovering authentic sounds. A forum for the real music lover. Oh, and we have ideas for many more shows!

Curious Newsletter

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Feedback is valued and welcomed. If you would like to contribute, please drop us a line.