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I don't care about the economy. I care about creativity.

Why I care less about the economy, but more about creativity

Too many people and companies are constantly concerned about how the economy is performing or not performing.... Read More »

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Being alone (or meeting the checkout girl at Morrison’s was the highlight of my week)

Its not good to be alone. Don't make the checkout staff at your local supermarket your only regular human contact -as wonderful as they may be. Keep meeting new people.... Read More »

Avignon, France

5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Creativity and Thinking

Travel. An excuse to get away from it all, sometimes even run away. But travel can be so much more that just a break or a rest, it can reignite your creativity and passion, here’s how it’s helped me.... Read More »

Dark January Days

Four top tips to boost creativity in dark January days

Its still pretty dark outside in the morning and evening. The weather is miserable. Right now its as I write this, it’s pouring down and despite being 2pm, it looks like its 8pm. It’s that dark. Its not exactly the most inspiring time to get creative. So what can you do to get motivated?... Read More »

Facebook - Wasting Time

Sometimes we all need a slap in the face

How many hours per week are you un-productive? How about per day? How much time is spent trawling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the BBC website? When you add it all up it can work out to be a significant amount of time, oh, and you will never get back. Add to that the mix of working from home, on... Read More »

29 Ways to Stay Creative

29 Ways to Stay Creative

This video from TO-FU is great inspiration for your creativity. Its the antidote to Ways to Kill Creativity. Which ones are your favourites? Have a look and let me know in the comments.... Read More »

Olympic Rings image by

Creativity of Olympic Proportions

And so it ended just as it had begun with a cacophony of sound emanating from the Olympic Stadium, the cauldron of dreams. A light fest to brighten up the London sky to announce ‘we did it!’. Although the closing ceremony didn’t have anywhere near the impact of Danny Boyle’s ... Read More »

Creativity Killer

Ways to kill creativity

I love this from Psychology Today which sums up just how natural it is to kill creativity. So much so that we don’t even notice we’re doing it. I especially like: ‘Don’t ask questions. When you ask questions, you are displaying your lack of knowledge and understanding. You wi... Read More »

The Magic of Creativity

The Magic of Creativity

Someone sent me a link to Andrew & Gaia Grants book ‘Who Killed Creativity?‘ which is now on my reading list along with many others! I then came across this brilliant video which illustrates the magic of creativity and thinking outside the box. Too much of the time, this level of cre... Read More »

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