Editors note: This is a guest blog post by Susannah Evans.

I had the privilege of dancing in the closing ceremony for the Paralympics, which was viewed by 7.7 million people around the world.

It was an amazing experience and one that can’t be fully described in words, an evening I will never forget. To perform with a huge team in front of 84,000 people who were there to celebrate, created an incredible atmosphere, which to me was a taste of heaven. So many nations had gathered united to celebrate the human spirit, especially demonstrated by the paralympians.

There was a sense of awe and wonder of what we had all witnessed over the summer, not a feeling of cynicism to be found…indeed the sky was the limit.

Whilst the performance evening was incredible, it was the process of being involved in a vision and building it together and seeing it become a reality that was fantastic and addictive.

I loved the process of rehearsals in sunshine everyday, the daily routine of arriving, picking up our radios and learning with so many different people from all walks of life. I really appreciated the conversations and new friendships that emerged over the whole process. Director Kevin Gavin and assistant director Gareth Walker were inspiring in their vision and work ethic, always polite, cracking jokes but able to get us to work and focus when needed.

Working with other professionals has inspired me to become more disciplined in my training and focus, and to continue to dream and persevere.

If you often work on your own I would urge you to look for opportunities to be part of something bigger. Obviously the Olympics in your own country is a once in a lifetime experience, but look for other opportunities. It could be a collaborative project, an idea you’ve had where you can bring together a few other professionals to work on it. Doing this can increase your creativity along with a real sense of encouragement and discipline by seeing how others work.

Over to you

What events and opportunities have you taken part in that have helped to inspire and encourage you?

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