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Mini HubsThat’s what mini-hubs are about. A maximum 10 people group, meeting monthly to cheer you on, encouraging and motivating you to achieve your goals.

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With a group like this, you no longer have to feel alone. I’ve been there. In fact that was one of the key drivers to me starting up Creatives Hub. I know what it’s like.

You’ll be joining other like-minded people. They want to achieve things just like you do.


Each meeting has four core elements to it.

  • A main theme – such as accountability, show and tell for resources, raising finance
  • Creative brainstorming – a powerful way to help break through your sticking points
  • Key accountability tasks – to provide actionable–realistic steps that you can be accountable to the group to achieve
  • Private forum – on website to share information and keep communication going in between meetups


Its not just another networking group. It’s not simply a place where we chat and nothing gets done. It really is like having your own cheerleading team – a bunch of people who encourage you on a regular basis to help you GET STUFF DONE.

Application Process

We want to make sure we have the right people in each group to encourage creative thinking. We make sure we can mix it up so there are no groups with all designers, all photographers, all break-a-wayers etc.

You can apply online by filling in a simple form which covers your interests where are you now with your projects and where do you want to be.

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Your Investment

The cost for all this is £240 per year. That’s a whole years’ worth of kickstarting, brainstorming and developing your ideas and projects for only £20 per month.

And…If you apply at a CHLive! or associated event and are accepted, you can get the first year for £220! –which is effectively your first month free.

Just thinking back to everything I’ve received from mini-hubs, would I have paid £240 to get this all off the ground? Yes, and I’ve paid more than that to get a tiny part of my ideas going.

Want do members think?

Its all well and good us saying what we think of mini-hubs but here’s what some of our existing members have to say about them.

“People are easy to talk to, happy to share ideas and offer support”

“Ooh there are some exciting things coming out of our mini hub! Just given some feedback for two projects….!”

“… the group was so generous with their listening and ideas.”

“Well good meeting with @Creatives_Hub this evening. Lively & inspiring yak-o-rama. “

“We ‘felt’ like a group- everyone had a chance to talk but didn’t have to if they didn’t want to. Everyone was friendly and listened to each other.”

“Excellent evening with @Creatives_Hub peeps – some very exciting projects afoot!”

Here’s what mini-hubs are not

  • We aren’t offering coaching in the groups. We do have some brilliant coaches we can recommend if that’s what you need however that’s not the aim of the group
  • We don’t do paid referrals. If members want to pay for each other’s business, great, but that happens outside of our Hub meetings
  • We don’t ‘teach you how to sell’
  • We do not do stuff for you. The aim is to encourage and motivate for YOU to take actions. Don’t apply if you’re lazy!

So to summarise:

Mini-hubs are a great way:

  • to help you brainstorm and actually get started on your ideas
  • to connect with the same group of people each month who you get to know and trust and so you’re not having to repeat the same story each week. You grow together.
  • to help you stay accountable and stop talking about starting a project and actually start it
  • It IS a commitment. You may love the idea, but check you are ready for the commitment involved.

All this for £240 per year and of course you only pay if accepted.

I hope you are as excited about mini-hubs as we are and I look forward to hearing stories of you being able to kickstart your own projects.

Kickstart your projects today

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Talk to me!

Want to chat more about mini-hubs? Still not quite sure if they’re right for you? Just drop me an email via the form on the right.

That’s me in the pic. Despite the smile, my team and I are serious about helping you ignite your creative life. To put aside fears, to get rid of the perils of procrastination and to enjoy making a living by being creative.

You never know. Right now, you may be sitting on an idea that the world really needs. All you need are the right tools to get it out there, and we can’t wait to show you how!

Richard Lalchan, Founder Creatives Hub

Richard Lalchan, Founder Creatives Hub

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