#4: Six degrees of separation

In our fourth Episode Claire and Richard discuss being alone as a creative and chat to Deborah Henry-Pollard about collaboration, coaching and the Argentine Tango!

#3: Making the invisible visible

In our third Episode Claire and Richard discuss having lots of interests but still making things happen and they interview London based photographer and arts facilitator Adele Watts.

#2: Innovation happens at the intersection

In our second Episode Claire and Richard discuss the difficulties of knowing what you want to do post university or midway through your career and we interview Emilie Wapnick from Puttylike.com -a home for multipotentialites.

#1: Don’t swear at kids

In our first Episode Claire and Richard discuss what Creatives Hub is about, what ‘Hatch’ means, how mini-hubs work and why playing games on your phone is an ineffective use of your time – according to Claire.

Flags of the World

How can you sell services abroad?

In the last six months I have had requests for work from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Qatar, Spain and USA (Florida, Oregon, LA, Ohio).

Some of requests have...

29 Ways to Stay Creative

This video from TO-FU is great inspiration for your creativity. Its the antidote to Ways to Kill Creativity.

Which ones are your favourites? Have a look and let me know in the...

Olympic Rings image by http://ko.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-7656536174

Creativity of Olympic Proportions

And so it ended just as it had begun with a cacophony of sound emanating from the Olympic Stadium, the cauldron of dreams. A light fest to brighten up the London sky to announce 'we did...

Creativity Killer

Ways to kill creativity

I love this from Psychology Today which sums up just how natural it is to kill creativity. So much so that we don't even notice we're doing it.

I especially like: 'Don't ask questions....

The Magic of Creativity

The Magic of Creativity

Someone sent me a link to Andrew & Gaia Grants book 'Who Killed Creativity?' which is now on my reading list along with many others!

I then came across this brilliant video which...

Pulling it all together

Since I realised I was a scanner, I have been working through pulling all my interests together, really trying to assess what it is I like about certain activities with the aim of...

Getting paid

How to make sure you get paid on time

When I started out running my own business back in 1997 (actually it was a joint venture with my brother) one of the biggest struggles we had -after acquiring clients was getting them to...

How much does a Website cost?

Note: This post was originally posted to my Web Design site back in August 2011.

This is a question that as a web designer I encounter very frequently and it makes complete sense for...