When you’re starting out on your own or kickstarting a side-project it can be difficult to know what tools can help you work efficiently.

We use a vast array of products and services at Creatives Hub and RMLalchan. Each of them chosen after considerable research.

We’re all about sharing, so take a look at the resources below and see if you can benefit from them as much as we have. There is no one-size-fits-all and what works for us may not work for you. Its about experimenting. Many of the resources listed contain affiliate links. Some, special offers. But only those tools that we use –and enjoy using on a regular basis get to be listed here.


The most intuitive accounts software I have used. I reviewed it back in January 2012 so take a peek if you want to get the low down. As well as a beautiful user interface, Freeagents’ support is second-to-none. With their regular weekly webinars you can get all the help you need. Even better sign up to receive 10% off!


We love Evernote! If you want to see how much, we recorded a whole podcast about it. We used to use it to manage all podcasts, our mini-hubs and pretty much anything where we need to store and share information.


MooWe’ve used Moo to print our business cards for years now. They do a fine job and their presentation is superb. If you need some business cards, post cards or mini-cards that are a little bit different, try moo. Oh and use the link to get 10% off your first order.


DropboxIf you’re not using Dropbox, what have you been doing the past few years? This is a staple diet of our workflow to synchronise files between devices, share with others and store backups. For peace-of-mind, I’d get it asap.


Want a simple way to take payments through your website? Try GoCardless, a UK based company that we use for all online processing at Creatives Hub. Sign up and get a £50 credit on your account.


SquarespaceWe love Squarespace. They power several of our sites such as rmlalchan.co.uk. We love them so much we are running ‘Websites for Creatives’ courses in 2014 using Squarespace. They provide an incredibly quick way to build a beautiful website.

MediaTemple – Web Hosting

MediaTempleMediaTemple provide the hosting for several of our sites (-though we haven’t got round to transferring this one as yet!). They are fast reliable and have great support.


TreehouseWant to learn web design? Want to create an app? Sign up to Treehouse for high quality online training. We’ve used the for the web design side to gen up on various aspects of of coding. If you want to learn to manage your website yourself but have hit your knowledge limit, Treehouse could be an inexpensive route to go. Sign up and get 50& off your first months subscription.


Mailchimp power all our newsletters here at Creatives Hub. Their new Email Designer tool makes creating beautiful newsletter a breeze -whether on you desktop or even your iPad. Email newsletters are an effective way to regularly communicate with your community. Their initial account is free, so sign up and try them out.

Google Apps
Google Apps

Imagine being able to work on a document with several other people at the same time. Wouldn’t that be cool! Well, thats what Google Apps allows –specifically Google Docs. You can create, edit and share ‘Word’ documents and spreadsheets and update in real-time. We use it incessantly at Creatives Hub and we discussed how it fits into our workflow on Hatch podcast – The Evernote Edition.