Facebook - Wasting Time

How many hours per week are you un-productive? How about per day?

How much time is spent trawling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the BBC website? When you add it all up it can work out to be a significant amount of time, oh, and you will never get back. Add to that the mix of working from home, on your own and it can be a recipe for disaster.

This guy came up with a novel idea to keep him on task. He hired someone via Craigslist to slap him in the face when he went astray. Have a read how it went.

There are many things you can do to stop yourself procrastinating. One of the reasons for setting up Creatives Hub was just that, to help creatives keep each other accountable with our time and tasks so we can be more productive. If you’re not in a mini hub let me know and join one. That way you can regularly meet up both ‘in real life’ and virtually with other creatives who suffer from getting side tracked just like you.

Here’s a few other things I do:

  • Work from a friends office 1 day a week
  • Meet up for lunch with friends specifically telling them what tasks I’m working on
  • Plan phone calls at times I recognise may be low productivity times
  • Keep a clear list of targets in sight -usually via Evernote app
  • Play music that I know helps me focus


A slap in the face might seem a bit drastic but it takes all sorts of things to keep us productive in these days of constant distractions.

Over to you…

What things do you do to keep yourself productive?

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Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan is founder of Creatives Hub whose mission is to help as many creatives as possible get rid of the shackles of procrastination, break out of fear, grow in confidence and get stuff done. He also works with individuals and businesses to build their web presence, runs a podcast network and is currently writing his first sci-fi novella.

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