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#27: Why do we fall

In our twenty seventh episode Richard is joined by Iko Akoh to discuss New Years resolutions and stuff.... Read More »

Image credit: hitthatswitch, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

How to Raise Your Game in 2014

Is it time for you to step up, to get serious about your business or side-project? Read on for how to raise your game in 2014.... Read More »

#23: There’s no whip

In our twenty third episode Richard and Claire discuss the benefits of mini-hubs and small group accountability... Read More »

Photograph by R.O.L.

Mini-hub member successfully funded on Kickstarter

I interviewed Adele Watts in February. She had just started a project working with people affected by homelessness. We grabbed her again for an update.... Read More »

#20: Its like school at work

In our twentieth episode Richard and Claire discuss the merits of accountability and how it can help you to get stuff done.... Read More »

Richard Lalchan - Speaker

CHLive talk: Its not an ideal world

This post is taken from the talk I gave at CHLive! London on 16th July 2013.... Read More »

CHLive! London July 2013

CH Live! London July 2013

July 16th, in a very hot and sticky bar near St. Paul's London we held the first of our quarterly Creatives Hub Live! events.... Read More »

Avoiding Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination

You've made a plan and know what to do, so you just have to get on and do it. Except you're stuck. What's happening when we procrastinate, and how do we overcome it?... Read More »

Fish on its own

Five reasons to get yourself an acccountability group

If you've watched TED talks about starting something new and changing the world, you will have heard people talk about not trying to do it all by yourself.... Read More »

Groups more powerful that individuals - Image courtesy of By Sean MacEntee used under Creative Commons License

Don’t keep your ideas to yourself

Don't keep your ideas to yourself. Sharing your ideas can transform them from thoughts to making them real. Here's how.... Read More »

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