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#14: Its just like dating

In our fourteenth episode Claire and Richard discuss Ideas and the merits of sharing them and their mutual dislike for NDA's.... Read More »

#13: A creatives’ processing plant

In our thirteenth episode Claire and Richard discuss money. How to go about setting your rates and charging for your work.... Read More »

#9 Leaving Work Behind with Tom Ewer

In Episode #9 we chat to Tom Ewer from Leaving Work Behind about going it alone, blogging and publishing his income online.... Read More »

Image credit: Ed Yourdon, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

Being curious – tips to improve your networking

Being curious about other people is what networking is about. Being interested and listening to everyone around you not just those at an official networking event.... Read More »

#5 Speaking with Michael MacMahon

In Episode 5 we interview Michael MacMahon a public speaker, author, actor, coach, voice over artist and unsurprisingly a scanner.   Show Notes: Over to you Have you ever spoken in public? How did it go?... Read More »

#4 Scanning or Diving? – On being a Scanner with Claire Meredith

In Episode 4 we interview Claire Meredith an advocate of ‘scanners’ who lets us have the low down on this important personality type.   Show Notes: Key Players Software Over to you Are you a scanner? What’s been your experience?... Read More »

Flags of the World

How can you sell services abroad?

In the last six months I have had requests for work from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Qatar, Spain and USA (Florida, Oregon, LA, Ohio). Some of requests have now turned into clients of whom, hopefully, I will be working with for a long time to come. Others are a least an in... Read More »

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