Tips for using mind maps in brainstorming

Mind maps are brilliant ways to untangle our minds and get thoughts and ideas onto paper in a format that is simple and engaging. They can be used for tasks at home or for business projects, no matter the size of the organisation, and work by encouraging participants to unleash their thoughts in a creative way. Read on for great tips on using mind maps as a brainstorming method.

Reverb* Podcast

#9 – USA Independence

In episode #9 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss USA independence – the US perspective on life as an independent artist. This episode also features two great tracks by Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy.

Reverb* Podcast

#7 – We’re better together

In episode #7 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss the emergence of creative communities bringing artists together and the advantages they offer for independent artists. This episode also features two impressive tracks by HipHop artist Baliva.

Reverb* Podcast

#3 – The big break

In Episode #3 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss platforms to assist independent artists in ‘breaking out’ and we take a listen to two beautiful tracks by Matshidiso Mohajane.

Get your spark back - Image by Evan Sharboneau

5 ways to get your spark back

Have you ever wondered where your creativity, well, went?
I used to be the same. Now I know when I’m missing my spark, I take action and, as I now work for myself, I have found this knowledge immensely useful!

Here’s five ways to get your spark back when it’s gone away

29 Ways to Stay Creative

This video from TO-FU is great inspiration for your creativity. Its the antidote to Ways to Kill Creativity.

Which ones are your favourites? Have a look and let me know in the...

Olympic Rings image by

Creativity of Olympic Proportions

And so it ended just as it had begun with a cacophony of sound emanating from the Olympic Stadium, the cauldron of dreams. A light fest to brighten up the London sky to announce 'we did...

Creativity Killer

Ways to kill creativity

I love this from Psychology Today which sums up just how natural it is to kill creativity. So much so that we don't even notice we're doing it.

I especially like: 'Don't ask questions....

The Magic of Creativity

The Magic of Creativity

Someone sent me a link to Andrew & Gaia Grants book 'Who Killed Creativity?' which is now on my reading list along with many others!

I then came across this brilliant video which...