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Photo from CHLive October 2014

24 hours to go. Have you got your ticket yet?

CHLive - space for creatives to connect, be inspired and take action. We'd love to see you there!... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#7 – We’re better together

In episode #7 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss the emergence of creative communities bringing artists together and the advantages they offer for independent artists. This episode also features two impressive tracks by HipHop artist Baliva.... Read More »

Hope and freedom - Dubai 2015, Richard Lalchan

How routine can provide hope

Routine can give us hope. Consistently performing little tasks you have decided to do can help improve your future life. Richard Lalchan shares how.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#44: Mental Energy & Decision Fatigue

In our forty fourth episode Richard is joined by Andrew Hall to discuss Mental Energy and Decision Fatigue.... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#6 – The Under-appreciated Artist

In episode #6 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss whether the under-appreciated artist and the issues this raises in making a living from music. This episode also features a couple of stupendous tracks by Light Falls Forward.... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#5 – The Cost of Streaming for Independent Artists

In #5 Iko and Richard discuss issues independent artists face when so much music is available free or low cost via streaming. Kat Deal is our featured artist.... Read More »

Reverb Live 2014

ReverbLive2014 – The Review

Jessie Smith reviews our ReverbLive2014 Podcast event which took place on December 5th at Ziferblat London featuring Hanna Willow, Nadine and My Northern Sky.... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#4 – Reverb Live – Living Room Gigs

In episode #4 Iko and Richard record live from Ziferblat featuring music from Hanna Willow, Nadine and MyNorthernSky and discuss living room gigs.... Read More »

Photo from CHLive October 2014

CH Live! London October 2014

Review of our sixth CH Live! event held on Wednesday 29th October 2014 in London, UK. Key speaker was Anthony O-Thomas CEO of GoodFruit crowd funding. ... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#3 – The big break

In Episode #3 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss platforms to assist independent artists in 'breaking out' and we take a listen to two beautiful tracks by Matshidiso Mohajane.... Read More »

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