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Can you find 15 minutes a day?

We make all manner of excuses to convince ourselves we can't do what we love. One of them is 'I don't have enough time'. I'm telling you that's not true.... Read More »


4 Ways to Turbocharge your Daily Creativity and Productivity

Julian Wills, Web Developer at Hallway Studios shares with us 4 ways to turbocharge your daily creativity and productivity. ... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#2 – The daddy of them all

In Episode #2 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss social media and crowdfunding and we take a listen to two beautiful tracks by Nadine.... Read More »

Toursome App - A side-setter project

What’s it like to be a side-setter?

What's it like to be a side-setter? This is a guest blog post by Charlie Stamp, co-founder or Toursome, his pet project to simplify the world of sightseeing. ... Read More »

#16: The Evernote Edition

In our sixteenth episode Claire and Richard discuss the joys of managing your life with Evernote, and a few other apps.... Read More »

#10 Freelance Research Consulting with Sarah Salisbury

In Episode #10 of Insight Podcast we chat to Sarah Salisbury about what its like to be a freelance research consultant and left brain/right brain thinking.... Read More »

Reverb* Podcast

#1 – Pilot episode of Reverb Podcast

In Episode #1 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan introduce the Reverb concept, discuss the role of the promoter and play tunes from the delightful Hanna Willow.... Read More »

Richard Lalchan - Speaker

CHLive talk: Its not an ideal world

This post is taken from the talk I gave at CHLive! London on 16th July 2013.... Read More »

#15: Assistants for everyone

In our fifteenth episode Claire and Richard discuss managing your time and look at outsourcing for efficiency. ... Read More »

#14: Its just like dating

In our fourteenth episode Claire and Richard discuss Ideas and the merits of sharing them and their mutual dislike for NDA's.... Read More »

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