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Staring at a blank page

How to recognise creative burnout

Are you staring at a blank screen finding inspiration has upped and left? You may well have reached creative burnout. Here are 7 ways to recognise it.... Read More »

Get your spark back - Image by Evan Sharboneau

5 ways to get your spark back

Have you ever wondered where your creativity, well, went? I used to be the same. Now I know when I’m missing my spark, I take action and, as I now work for myself, I have found this knowledge immensely useful! Here’s five ways to get your spark back when it’s gone away... Read More »

De-clutter your life

5 reasons to declutter this autumn

5 reasons why I think its crucial to declutter to bring more inspiration to your creative life.... Read More »

#19: You are pukka if you’re saying you’re pukka

In our nineteenth episode Richard and Claire discuss why we look at news and what else we could do with our time in the last in our series on de-cluttering.... Read More »

#18: The Digital Distraction

In our eighteenth episode Richard and Claire discuss digital distraction and information overload in the second of our series of de-cluttering.... Read More »

#17: Tidy desk. Tidy mind

In our seventeenth episode Richard, on his own discusses the link between decluttering and productivity.... Read More »