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Reverb* Podcast

#6 – The Under-appreciated Artist

In episode #6 Iko Akoh and Richard Lalchan discuss whether the under-appreciated artist and the issues this raises in making a living from music. This episode also features a couple of stupendous tracks by Light Falls Forward.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#43: Scanning, not focusing

In our forty third episode Richard is joined by Jessica Smith to discuss scanners and the beauty of not focussing.... Read More »

Reverb Live 2014

ReverbLive2014 – The Review

Jessie Smith reviews our ReverbLive2014 Podcast event which took place on December 5th at Ziferblat London featuring Hanna Willow, Nadine and My Northern Sky.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#18 A message from… Jade Armitage

In Episode #18 we chat to Jade Armitage about 'A Message From...' her bespoke Disney inspired video message service for children.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#17 HandSteady with Christopher Peacock

In Episode #17 we chat to Christopher Peacock about being an inventor, starting his handSteady business, developing a product, patents and lots more.... Read More »

Photo from CHLive October 2014

CH Live! London October 2014

Review of our sixth CH Live! event held on Wednesday 29th October 2014 in London, UK. Key speaker was Anthony O-Thomas CEO of GoodFruit crowd funding. ... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#16 Crowd Funding with Anthony O-Thomas

In Episode #16 we chat to Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas about his crowd funding platform GoodFruit, how it differs from others and what it would be like if the Suffragettes had had a crowd funding platform.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#15 A Natural Progression with Dan Dexter

In Episode #15 we chat to Daniel Dexter about setting up and managing a business in the audio visual and events industry.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#42: Sidestepping the music

In our forty second episode Richard is joined once by Ian Christie to discuss running side projects.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#14 Those water cooler moments with Emma de Polnay

In Episode #14 we chat to Emma De Polnay about setting up and managing a business whilst being an artist.... Read More »

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