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Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#35: Hatch in a hatchback

In our thirty fifth episode Richard joins Adam Dickens in his car in a random field near St Albans, UK to discuss working globally.... Read More »

#26: It’s goodbye from her

In our twenty sixth episode Richard and Claire review the year. Oh, and its Claire's last episode.... Read More »

#24: Its not the French, its the English

In our twenty fourth episode Richard and Claire discuss the idea of competition. Is it good? Is it bad?... Read More »

Three principles to build a thriving business

Three principles to build a thriving business

Iris Louwerens, founder of Dig Mondays shows us three principles to build a thriving business. Editors note: This is a guest blog post.... Read More »

Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker, used under Creative Commons license. Edited by RMLalchan

What’s it really like being a solopreneur?

The term solopreneur is often used for those who work on their own but have no desire to build a large empire. But what's it really like being one?... Read More »

#9 Leaving Work Behind with Tom Ewer

In Episode #9 we chat to Tom Ewer from Leaving Work Behind about going it alone, blogging and publishing his income online.... Read More »

#4 Scanning or Diving? – On being a Scanner with Claire Meredith

In Episode 4 we interview Claire Meredith an advocate of ‘scanners’ who lets us have the low down on this important personality type.   Show Notes: Key Players Software Over to you Are you a scanner? What’s been your experience?... Read More »

Are you mediocre

Are you highly effective at being mediocre?

Most of us want to achieve greatness. Most of us assume that’s the best thing. Is it? This article by James Altucher on TechCrunch questions that by looking at The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs. The article is a very refreshing look at mediocrity, as we’re often tol... Read More »

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