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Photo from CHLive October 2014

24 hours to go. Have you got your ticket yet?

CHLive - space for creatives to connect, be inspired and take action. We'd love to see you there!... Read More »

Reverb Live 2014

ReverbLive2014 – The Review

Jessie Smith reviews our ReverbLive2014 Podcast event which took place on December 5th at Ziferblat London featuring Hanna Willow, Nadine and My Northern Sky.... Read More »

Photo from CHLive October 2014

CH Live! London October 2014

Review of our sixth CH Live! event held on Wednesday 29th October 2014 in London, UK. Key speaker was Anthony O-Thomas CEO of GoodFruit crowd funding. ... Read More »

July CH Live 2014

CH Live! London July 2014

Review of our fifth Creatives Hub Live! event held on Tuesday July 29th 2014.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#11 Farmers & Sailors with Addictive Daughter

In Episode #11 we chat to Joey & Persia from Addictive Daughter about the inspiration behind Addictive Daughter, oh and farmers and sailors....... Read More »

CHLive! April 2014

CH Live! London April 2014

Review of our fourth Creatives Hub Live! event held on Tuesday April 29th 2014 in London, UK.... Read More »

#10 Freelance Research Consulting with Sarah Salisbury

In Episode #10 of Insight Podcast we chat to Sarah Salisbury about what its like to be a freelance research consultant and left brain/right brain thinking.... Read More »

Locations to work from in Watford and London

Six places to work from in London & Watford

I work in a variety of places including cafés, bars, pubs and public spaces. I get asked from time to time as to which are my regular hangouts, so here is my top 6 (fairly) regular hangouts over the last year or so. The Volunteer Bar Location: Baker Street, London, NW1 6XE Wi-Fi: Yes. Good. Atmosp... Read More »

#2 A Snapshot of Jonny Back Photography

In Episode 2 we interview Jonny Back a London based photographer and find out what its like to start a business in a recession. Show Notes: Over to you What’s been your experience of starting your business?... Read More »