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Guide to running an effective event

Guide to running an effective event

Whether you are considering to throw a music event, conference, company celebration or exhibition, you will need a great deal of resources and planning. Given that events are so wide ranging and can be customised to fit any need, the best practices for effective event planning also vary widely. Gue... Read More »

Staring at a blank page

How to recognise creative burnout

Are you staring at a blank screen finding inspiration has upped and left? You may well have reached creative burnout. Here are 7 ways to recognise it.... Read More »

Are happy people more productive?

Are happy people more productive?

If you’re happy, are you likely to be more productive, or is the reality of being happy that you’re more inclined to skip work and indulge in extracurricular activities?... Read More »

Startup Planning

Tips for launching a creative start-up

How do you stay productive as freelancer working from home? Susan Roan shares 11 top productivity tips.... Read More »

5 reasons you might not be achieving your goal

5 reasons you might not be achieving your goal

There are many reasons you may be missing your goal. Claire Meredith shares five of them with us and what we can do to turn it around.... Read More »

Hope and freedom - Dubai 2015, Richard Lalchan

How routine can provide hope

Routine can give us hope. Consistently performing little tasks you have decided to do can help improve your future life. Richard Lalchan shares how.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#17 HandSteady with Christopher Peacock

In Episode #17 we chat to Christopher Peacock about being an inventor, starting his handSteady business, developing a product, patents and lots more.... Read More »

Get your spark back - Image by Evan Sharboneau

5 ways to get your spark back

Have you ever wondered where your creativity, well, went? I used to be the same. Now I know when I’m missing my spark, I take action and, as I now work for myself, I have found this knowledge immensely useful! Here’s five ways to get your spark back when it’s gone away... Read More »

CHLive! April 2014

CH Live! London April 2014

Review of our fourth Creatives Hub Live! event held on Tuesday April 29th 2014 in London, UK.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#34: An Attitude of Gratitude

In our thirty fourth episode Richard is joined once again by last years co-host Claire Meredith to discuss money and creatives.... Read More »

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