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#16 Crowd Funding with Anthony O-Thomas

In Episode #16 we chat to Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas about his crowd funding platform GoodFruit, how it differs from others and what it would be like if the Suffragettes had had a crowd funding platform.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#15 A Natural Progression with Dan Dexter

In Episode #15 we chat to Daniel Dexter about setting up and managing a business in the audio visual and events industry.... Read More »

Get your spark back - Image by Evan Sharboneau

5 ways to get your spark back

Have you ever wondered where your creativity, well, went? I used to be the same. Now I know when I’m missing my spark, I take action and, as I now work for myself, I have found this knowledge immensely useful! Here’s five ways to get your spark back when it’s gone away... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#14 Those water cooler moments with Emma de Polnay

In Episode #14 we chat to Emma De Polnay about setting up and managing a business whilst being an artist.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#13 I learned that from the Internet with Yen Ooi

In Episode #13 we chat to 'Creator, thinker, do-er' Yen Ooi and discuss her process of writing, creating and managing creativity and cats...... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#12 Finding Arun with Marisha Pink

In Episode #12 we chat to author and entrepreneur Marisha Pink her process of writing Finding Arun, travel, best places to work for freelancers and more.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#37: All on my tod

In our thirty seventh episode Richard is all on his own and decides to chat about Creatives Hub Live, community manager and stuff.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#36: A whole web of connections

In our thirty sixth episode Richard is again joined by Adam Dickens in his car in a random field near St Albans, UK to discuss working for charities.... Read More »

Insight Podcast

#11 Farmers & Sailors with Addictive Daughter

In Episode #11 we chat to Joey & Persia from Addictive Daughter about the inspiration behind Addictive Daughter, oh and farmers and sailors....... Read More »

CHLive! April 2014

CH Live! London April 2014

Review of our fourth Creatives Hub Live! event held on Tuesday April 29th 2014 in London, UK.... Read More »

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