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Can you find 15 minutes a day?

We make all manner of excuses to convince ourselves we can't do what we love. One of them is 'I don't have enough time'. I'm telling you that's not true.... Read More »

Hatch : Lets get cracking!

#28: Make it happen

In our twenty eighth episode Richard is joined by Iko Akoh to discuss planning and getting projects off the ground.... Read More »

#27: Why do we fall

In our twenty seventh episode Richard is joined by Iko Akoh to discuss New Years resolutions and stuff.... Read More »

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What’s it really like being a solopreneur?

The term solopreneur is often used for those who work on their own but have no desire to build a large empire. But what's it really like being one?... Read More »

Image for Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

Taking Action versus Strategic Thinking

How do we know what to do, how do we approach a challenge when we want to reach our goal, change something in our lives or take on a new venture? Do we jump up and ‘do something’? Do we take action because that gives us the momentum to propel us to the next phase? Or do we clear our desk, take o... Read More »

#4 Scanning or Diving? – On being a Scanner with Claire Meredith

In Episode 4 we interview Claire Meredith an advocate of ‘scanners’ who lets us have the low down on this important personality type.   Show Notes: Key Players Software Over to you Are you a scanner? What’s been your experience?... Read More »

Basecamp Projects

How to manage multiple projects with Basecamp

I write to do lists. I used to write them on post it notes or in a note pad. Then I progressed to reminder tools on my smartphone and then I wanted to do something with those lists to better manage them and myself. Enter Basecamp. To describe Basecamp as a glorified to-do list would be a serious ... Read More »