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Well, congratulations are in order: it’s been just over one year since I first attended Creatives Hub Live! back in April 2014. And what have I achieved since then? Well, quite a number of things actually.

I attended as I felt I needed help to work out how I was going to take a few creative ideas forward that had been mulling around in my head a while (or indeed whether I should take them forward at all!).

The first was whether to make a go of designing and letterpress printing some of my typographic art for the gift market, which I’ve wanted to do for so long; and as it turns out, it became Typelark which I launched in October 2014 – hurrah!

The second was something that came out of my already established business, überbaby graphic design, which specialises in branding for businesses, and at that stage, particularly in visual identities. As that business grew, I realised that I loved to help people work out their ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ as much as the visual side, and wanted to do more of it.

So I took those ideas along to Creatives Hub Live!, met Richard Lalchan, founder of Creatives Hub / Live! (and RM Lalchan), and chatted with him about my aspirations. It just so happened that he himself wanted to do pretty much the same thing with helping creatives to find their ‘what’ and ‘why’ – and so it was that fateful day in April that Clarity for Creatives was born…

Richard and I met up a few times to chat in more depth about our dreams and goals, and it wasn’t long at all before we had established just how we wanted to take Clarity for Creatives forward. We originally planned to start with offering an online version, but these plans changed a little as we worked through what needed to be done, both logistically and technically (we will still be offering an online version some time in the future, we’ll let you know when it’s ready to go!)

But we also wanted to offer face-to-face sessions in some form or another, so we took that forward instead, and it was as soon as July that we started pilot sessions for our one-to-ones – ‘Creative Catalyst’. These help you to gain clarity by exploring your vision, values, personality and target audience.

These pilots went so well that we soon branched out to develop our group workshop sessions ‘Clarity Connect’. These are almost exactly the same as ‘Creative Catalyst’, the difference being that you get to brainstorm with the other participants and receive feedback from them as well as us, which makes for a really dynamic ‘can-do’ session.

Richard and I are now at a stage where we’re really happy with how Clarity for Creatives has progressed, and what we have managed to achieve in one year – and this is just one ‘physical’ year; we estimate that the actual time spent to develop it is about 8.5 working weeks. We’re quite impressed with our achievements even if we do say so ourselves!

And over that period we’ve developed a brand that we love, that expresses our values and who we are, and reaches those we want to reach. We’ve had a great time developing our materials and website, did an amazingly fun photoshoot for our branding (where I metamorphosed into a rabbit for the day), worked with some brilliant creatives (Adam, our photographer, April, who developed our brand ‘voice’ and Joanna who illustrated our amazing cards).

So I suppose what I’m trying to say is this: it can be daunting taking the leap into doing what you want to do. But take a deep breath and go for it! There are no rights or wrongs, and you learn by doing; engage and take action. Rarely, if at all does anything start out perfect, so take a chance and get something out there, you can hone it as you go along (through engagement and more feedback!).

And absolutely do not be afraid to ask for help! Talking your idea through with another or indeed setting up a venture with someone really does help, you get encouragement, feedback and new ideas. This year has been so rewarding and not only helped to fill my previous creative ‘gaps’, but has opened up exciting new ideas along the way.

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