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Editors note: This is Momina’s final post as our Summer 2015 Marketing Intern. We’re sad to see her leave, but grateful for the time she shared with us. We’ll be running the Internship every summer, so get in touch if you’re interested.

Hi everyone! I’m back with another blog post, but this time round, I will be sharing my overall experience as a Marketing Intern at Creatives Hub.

Before that though, I’m actually going to start off by telling you a little story because I didn’t just appear at a cafe in Watford for a meeting and suddenly began the internship at Ziferblat cafe in Shoreditch, London. Oh no…

As I’m a student at University of Hertfordshire, there was an event set up particularly for creative students. There were all sorts of people there, from recruiters to speakers.

Whilst waiting for the event to begin, an announcement was made that Richard Lalchan, founder of Creatives Hub, was looking for an intern over the summer. So, my friends and I, hurried to talk to Richard so we could find out what the internship was exactly about. There, I found out that the internship was specifically to do with marketing and being a daily user of the social media, I knew this was the thing for me.

I was so eager to put my name and email address on the piece of paper, but I just had a doubt that I wouldn’t get the internship. Also, I thought to myself, would I be able to travel to London every week from Luton (Train + tube + walk)? Anyway, a few weeks later, I got an email from Richard where I had to answer a few questions. To be honest, that doubt still lived in me, but with a positive attitude, I took about forty minutes or so to answer the questions. Long story short, I got the Internship because Richard liked my answers (Thank you God). 😀

Moral of the story: Think positively and let go of your doubts and fears.

Right, so It’s time to tell you all about my overall experience, so here goes…

Intern role

If I was to describe my experience in one word, it’d be AH-MAZING! Simply because I have extremely enjoyed the past three months working with Richard and Zoë. They’re such lovely people to work with and made me feel part of the Creatives Hub team. Also, the work that I’ve had to do as an intern, hasn’t been any less amazing either. From writing blogs to tweets, to coming up with diverse ideas about marketing, to promoting the business, to designing Instagram posts, to posting them and to managing the Instagram account. You get the idea right?

The outcome of these activities have been significant because I have become very confident in regards to writing blogs, a variety of tweets that were shared across the social media platform such as, Facebook and LinkedIn. What’s even more significant is that I have also become confident in designing Instagram posts and have become more competent at using Photoshop.


Moving on swiftly, the Internship was much better than I had expected. On the application form where I had to answer a few questions, I specifically wrote how I’d love to get involved fully into the business and not get left in one place to do the work and that’s exactly what happened.

Truthfully speaking, working as an intern for a short period of time, I didn’t expect to get fully involved. This internship has made me more enthusiastic to conquer my dreams and achieve my goals.

I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to Richard and Zoë for everything they’ve taught me in the past three months. I have thoroughly enjoyed working them both and can’t believe how quickly three months have flown by, eeeek! All the best to Creatives Hub and their team for the future.

Also, Good Luck to the next future intern, I hope you have a fantastic time like I did!

Lastly, Thank You everyone who took the time out to read my blog post.

Momina Salam

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Momina Salam

Intern for Creatives Hub | Interior Architecture & Design student

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