Hey fellow creatives! We’re very excited here at Creatives Hub HQ as Monday 7th August, saw Clarity for Creatives’ first ever Twitter #ClarityChat!

We set it up as we love hearing from you fellow creatives directly and getting you involved in our conversation. Our first topic was ‘Why do you do what you do?’ – what is it that keeps you turning up to your creative work day after day, week after week?

Some of the things we discovered from you include:

  • you love supporting creative people to help them be more creative, getting both enjoyment and inspiration from it;
  • you love hearing creatives’ stories of making their ideas happen and their passions, but also the problems they face;
  • you feel unable to ‘switch off’ your creativity – certainly not a bad thing!
  • you enjoy seeing projects start from nothing and then grow to something huge and inspiring.

Check out some of the conversation here:

Debs Henry-Pollard @fireworksdhp
I love that people can take a thing or idea which I can’t see & make it into something exceptional #claritychat @Creatives_Hub

Debs Henry-Pollard @fireworksdhp
I think everyone should have a couple of hours a month built into their jobs to try out something creative! @uberbabygraphic #claritychat

Debs Henry-Pollard @fireworksdhp
yes, familiar thoughts! But no-one else can bring the uniqueness that is YOU to it @Creatives_Hub #claritychat


Jilly Clark @Jilly_Pepper
Z & R re your #ClarityChat topic @Creatives_Hub always ready 2b inspired – we
creatives are lucky we love what we do, can’t turn it off!

Jilly Clark @Jilly_Pepper
I think that’s because design is so personal Zoe @uberbabygraphic we put our
‘soul’ into it @Creatives_Hub #ClarityChat


Zoë Typelark @uberbabygraphic
@Creatives_Hub I love hearing creatives’ stories of making their ideas happen, their passions, problems… #ClarityChat

Zoë Typelark @uberbabygraphic
@Creatives_Hub I think when I was studying design history thinking EVERYONE needs to know how amazing design is/can help them! #ClarityChat


Creatives Hub @Creatives_Hub
@Creatives_Hub I want 2 encourage people 2 break out of fears, take action +inspire the world with their unique perspective #claritychat [R]

Creatives Hub @Creatives_Hub
@uberbabygraphic Yes, it’s so important to encourage experimentation and not be afraid of ‘failing’. #claritychat

Creatives Hub @Creatives_Hub
@fireworksdhp Creation without a complete plan can lead to unexpected, inspired results. #claritychat [R]

To see the full stream, just visit Twitter and search #ClarityChat.

Why not join us next time, we’re a super friendly bunch! Our next chat is at 7pm on Monday 17th August and we want to know: ‘What is holding you back?’ What exactly is it that is stopping you from doing what you want to do? Are you lacking vision, or perhaps accountability? Do you feel a sense of isolation or confusion? Or are you constantly comparing yourself with your peers? There are a plethora of things that might be getting in your way, whether you realise it or not.

Catch us every Monday evening between 7-8pm GMT, and remember to include #ClarityChat in your Tweet! And if there’s any topic you’d like us to cover in our future chats, please do Tweet us your ideas at @Creatives_Hub

We can’t wait to hear from you…:D

If you don’t know what Clarity for Creatives is, it’s our tool we use at Creatives’ Hub to help you navigate your way through uncertainty by getting clear on your vision, values, brand personality and audience. Find out more from the website.

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