Are you as frustrated as we are at seeing creatives not fulfill their potential?

Fears, doubts, distractions and procrastination all getting in the way. If you are, what can you do to help?

Do you have knowledge to share, a story to tell to encourage and inspire? Let’s get your thoughts in front our community. Here’s some more details of how to write for us.


Our community is based around three types of people: Break-a-wayers, Solopreneurs and Side-setters. Read more about them on our Start Here page.

They are not people who want to get-rich-quick. But appreciate that hard-work is what its all about.


Creatives Hub is all about encouraging creatives to get stuff done, so aim to be very practical with key actions a reader could take after reading your post. That can include thinking about something in a new way.

The key issues the community have that could be covered in the blog are:

  1. How to deal with procrastination
  2. How to stay creative (and improve your creativity)
  3. How to deal with fears and doubts
  4. How do you go about starting your own business?
  5. How do you keep yourself inspired?
  6. How to effectively manage your creative projects?
  7. How to manage finances as a freelancer/ small business
  8. How to cope when you have multiple interests

That’s not an exhaustive list, so if you have other ideas that might be of help to our community, feel free to suggest them.


Aim for around 550 – 1000 words

Next step:

So you want to submit an article? Send us a summary via the contact form or email hello (at) We can’t wait to read it.